Pam Davis Head ShotWelcome to main website for Pam A. Davis, MA!

I am a doctoral student in Organizational Psychology with a background in technology.

I like working on projects that allow me to be part researcher, part process consultant/coach.

Like a researcher, I enjoy diving into issues from multiple levels and multiple points of view. I like knowing everything I can about a situation, and I have a problem-solving mind.

Like a coach, I really thrive when helping others with their goals. Rather than tell you want to do, I’ll ask you questions to help you get where you are probably already going. If I do my job well, you won’t need me anymore.

I have a particular passion for new tech and social tech. I love the serendipity of conversation streams. I love feeling connected to people all over the world around interests we share. I love the creative freedom of micro-blogging and self-publishing platforms. And I love beta-testing!

Thank you for stopping by and please reach out anytime.